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Toys Toys Battery Harness 6v

Your Price: $9.99
Out of stock


This harness will work with the following cars:

TT-655641 - Mercedes 300 SL 6v Car
TT-656023 - VW Beetle 6v Car
TT-656031 - Audi TT Roadster 6v Car
TT-656150 - Porsche Cayenne Turbo 6v Car
TT-656164 - BMW Z4 Roadster 6v Car
TT-656186 - Mercedes SL 6v Car
TT-656226 - Mini Cooper Cabrio 6v Car
TT-656244 - Mercedes SLK 6v Car
TT-656254 - Porsche Boxter 'S' 6v Car
TT-656274 - Alfa 8C 6v Car
TT-656334 - Ferrari F430 6v Car
TT-656341 - Jaguar XK 6v Car
TT-656364 - Alfa Brera 6v Car
TT-656386 - BMW 335i Cabrio 6v Car
TT-656394 - Fiat Nuova 500 6v Car