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Bel-Ray Super DOT 4 Brake Fluid (172-133)

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Bel-Ray Super DOT 4 Brake Fluid
LogoBel-Ray Super DOT 4 Brake Fluid. For case order quantity 12.

Bel-Ray Super DOT 4 Brake Fluid is a High-Performance brake fluid for use when a DOT 3 or DOT 4 fluid is required. Offers premium performance braking action and system protection for all specified applications.

Application: For hydraulic brake systems where a DOT3 or DOT4 product is specified. For use in all drum or disc brake systems and hydraulic clutches, except systems using mineral-based fluids (LHM). Boiling point: Dry 446 degrees F, Wet 311 degrees F.

  • 355 ML (12 fl. oz.)
  • For Case Order Quantity 12
  • Formulated for Hydraulic Brake Systems
  • Mixes with All Fluids Meeting DOT 3 and DOT 4 Specifications
  • Boiling Point: dry 272°C (522°F), wet 169°C (336°F)
  • For Brake Systems and Hydraulic Clutches, Except Systems Using Mineral Base Fluids
  • Certification: FMVSS SEC . 571.116, SAE J1703, ISO 4925, Husqvarna OEM Approved